Who We Help

For more than 20 years, the Law Office of Katherine L. MacKinnon has fought for employees struggling to get their benefits paid by insurers and employers.

We can advocate for your rights in the following matters:

ERISA and Employee Benefits

Our attorneys help people when they have problems with their employee benefits. This may include preparing an application for benefits, assembling and writing an appeal from a denial of benefits, or going into court against an employer or insurer who has refused an appeal. This is a very specialized area of law. It is often referred to by the word "ERISA" which stands for: "Employee Retirement Income Security Act," the federal law that governs most employee benefits in this country.

Civil Appeals

Civil appeals work is where we represent parties whose cases have been decided by a trial court and are now facing a procedure before a higher court (typically referred to as the appellate court or the supreme court). We do these appeals only for civil, non-family court cases. This means that we will help with appeals that do not involve criminal cases or family law cases.

Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment compensation cases are those where an employee is trying to receive unemployment compensation following employment termination. We do both hearings before an Unemployment Law Judge and appeals of denied claims to the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Estate Planning and Administration and Probate Cases

Estate planning makes your wishes clear in the event of your death or incapacity (inability to act for yourself) and gives your loved ones the power and support to carry out those wishes. Our attorneys assist individuals and families with wills, trusts, financial and health care powers of attorney, long term care planning, Minnesota probate, and more.

We welcome you to read more about us and our legal services. For additional information, please contact us!