Can't I Appeal My Long-Term Disability Claim Myself?

Yesterday, I received chocolate in the mail from a grateful non-client! I spoke to her a couple of times over the phone and was able to coach her into successfully appealing her long-term disability (LTD) claim on her own. So, the answer is yes - you can appeal a LTD claim on your own. You are not required to use a lawyer. The real question is should you appeal on your own?

In our office, we provide complementary consultations in person or over the phone to evaluate your LTD claim. Most of the time, folks who have been denied LTD benefits don't have the medical credentials or legal knowledge to make an effective appeal. They're also dealing with the crippling effects of their illness. They don't have the energy, writing skills, or ability to track down all of the necessary information, expert opinions, and legal research. At our consultations, we review the available information and give frank feedback about your potential case.

In this person's case, I didn't think that she needed our assistance and I honestly told her so. Sometimes, we have to tell people that we don't think their case would be successful on appeal. We also have occasions where the claimant needs to take some additional steps to build their case before submitting an appeal. We work with our firm's extensive network of experts to get the evidence to address the particular issues in that case. When you come to meet with us, you can feel confident that we will give you a genuine evaluation of your case and what needs to happen next. Contact us to arrange a consultation for your LTD claim!