MN Supreme Court Appearance in Larson v. NML et. al.

Kate argued at the Minnesota Supreme Court today in Jacky Larson v. Northwestern Mutual and CM Information Systems. Here we are in the state capital after the argument. We’ll post an update with the result, and here is the oral argument if you… Read More
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Helpful Hints When Applying For Long or Short-Term Disability

Applying for disability benefits can be stressful. You’re sick and unable to work. You’re not sure about your financial future. You have forms to fill out, doctors to see, and decisions to be made. But being careful and thorough when filling out… Read More
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Our firm's case was accepted for review by the MN Supreme Court!

A life insurance case our firm has been working on for years now was accepted for review by the MN Supreme Court! Read more here: Read More
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Hello to the newest member of our office - Akemi!

Our office has acquired a new member – Akemi, the betta fish! She has been a little quiet around the office so far, but we expect big things from her in the future. Read More
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Word to the Wise : When is investment advice subject to a fiduciary standard?

An interesting article here: The article discusses how ERISA holds that people advising employees/retirees on investment accounts are held to a fiduciary standard… Read More
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Legal Non-Conforming Use Case

Our legal non-conforming land use law case made the front page of Minnesota Lawyer! Check out the article here. Read More
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Big win for property rights in Minnesota!

Our firm is happy to announce we won an important case at the Minnesota Supreme Court involving property rights for Minnesotans! The opinion was announced this morning in White v. City of Elk River. The case involves a campground that was in existenc… Read More
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Pension Plans and ERISA

ERISA is the federal law that spells out the rules regarding pension plans available to employees through their workplace. While ERISA does not generally regulate the content of plans, it does provide minimum standards for certain aspects of the plan… Read More
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United States Supreme Court hears New ERISA Case

On October 15, 2013, the Supreme Court heard oral argument on a new ERISA case which will decide when a statute of limitations period will begin to run. Check out the summary of the arguments here:… Read More
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Social Security Disability Insurance and Long-Term Disability Benefits: Differences and Similarities

Social Security Disability Insurance and Long-Term Disability Benefits: Differences and Similarities Many people who qualify for long-term disability benefits may also qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSDI) benefits. The definitio… Read More
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