As a physician over the last 25 years I provided the medical support to many of my patients who had disability claims. I also saw firsthand the difficulty these patients had negotiating the disability system in addition to accepting the burden of their own physical disability. When I became the patient with the disability, I knew I needed professional legal assistance to succeed in this process. I interviewed several attorneys, some in the most prestigious law firms. The first time I met with Kate I knew she was the person that could help me with her knowledge, experience and attention to detail.

If you are contemplating filing a disability claim, my advice is to retain Kate as soon as possible, preferably before the claim is filed. Being proactive with your claim utilizing Kate’s guidance will improve your chances of a desirable outcome as it did in my case. I still utilize her services for ongoing issues like filing annual progress reports and updates with the insurer. I could not have asked for better legal representation and for that reason I can without hesitation give Kate MacKinnon my highest recommendation.