US Supreme Court to review ERISA case

The United State Supreme Court has accepted review of a new ERISA case involving the statute of limitations in retirement fund cases. (Tibble v. Edison Int’l, U.S., No. 13-550, cert. granted 10/2/14) “The case presents the question: wheth… Read More
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The Mastocytosis Society 20th Annual Conference

Thank you to The Mastocytosis Society for having us come speak at the 20th Annual conference this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota! Read More
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Happy Birthday, ERISA!

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act – E.R.I.S.A. (or as one judge put it, Everything Ridiculous Invented Since Adam) turned the big 40 this month!  There has been no shortage of litigation since its enactment, as this article put it:… Read More
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Assumptions, Calculations, and Formulas: Are My Benefit Payments Being Calculated Correctly?

The letter finally arrived from the insurance company letting you know you will begin receiving monthly disability benefit payments.  A week or so later, a check arrives in the mail.  The check is in an amount less than your normal paycheck.  You… Read More
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Helpful Hints When Applying For Long or Short-Term Disability

Applying for disability benefits can be stressful. You’re sick and unable to work. You’re not sure about your financial future. You have forms to fill out, doctors to see, and decisions to be made. But being careful and thorough when filling out… Read More
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Word to the Wise : When is investment advice subject to a fiduciary standard?

An interesting article here: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2014/01/07/problem-with-investment-advice/ The article discusses how ERISA holds that people advising employees/retirees on investment accounts are held to a fiduciary standard… Read More
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Pension Plans and ERISA

ERISA is the federal law that spells out the rules regarding pension plans available to employees through their workplace. While ERISA does not generally regulate the content of plans, it does provide minimum standards for certain aspects of the pla… Read More
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United States Supreme Court hears New ERISA Case

On October 15, 2013, the Supreme Court heard oral argument on a new ERISA case which will decide when a statute of limitations period will begin to run. Check out the summary of the arguments here: http://www.scotusblog.com/2013/10/argument-preview-w… Read More
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Social Security Disability Insurance and Long-Term Disability Benefits: Differences and Similarities

  Social Security Disability Insurance and Long-Term Disability Benefits: Differences and Similarities Many people who qualify for long-term disability benefits may also qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (or SSDI) benefits.  The… Read More
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Supreme Court: Two new ERISA cases!

The Supreme Court just accepted a new ERISA case with a question we at the Law Office of Katherine L. MacKinnon are excited to hear the answer to: When does a statute of limitations begin to accrue on an adverse benefits determination? We’ll be… Read More
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