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What is a Life Waiver of Premium benefit?

A “Life Waiver of Premium” benefit – also called an “LWOP” benefit- is a provision that is commonly included in life insurance policies which waives the premiums normally required to maintain life insurance coverage for… Read More
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Life Insurance Win in MN Supreme Court!

After years of hard work for Ms. Jacky Larson, our firm won a huge victory in the Minnesota Supreme Court on behalf of anyone with life insurance in Minnesota! Minnesota Stat 61A.11 says that: “In any claim upon a policy issued in this state wi… Read More
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Interested in Converting? Tread Quickly and Carefully!

If you are leaving work for a health related reason – for example medical leave for treatment of an illness, short or long term disability, or other medical reason – it may be imperative to find out about whether you can take your life in… Read More
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