Life Insurance

Often employers offer group life insurance to their employees. When the employee’s beneficiary makes a claim for the life insurance benefits, several issues may be discovered.

There may be problems with eligibility, such as whether or not the employee was in a covered class of employees where they were working the required hours to be covered by the group life insurance.

There could be problems with premiums, such as determining whether or not premiums were paid either by the employee or by the employer.

There could also be issues with beneficiaries, such as a dispute about who is the correct beneficiary.

At the Law Office of Katherine L. MacKinnon, our employee benefits attorneys can work with you to successfully navigate these problems and others.

Below is one of our recent wins related to life insurance benefits:

  • Larson v. Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co., 855 N.W.2d 293 (Minn. 2014)

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